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April 25, 2011

CALL TO ORDER:  7:00 p.m.

Present:  President JoAnn Clifford; Vice President Carol Herchenroether; Interim Treasurer Gerri Whiteman; Secretary Connie Cowling; Directors Sue Buckley, Bob Dicandia and Elmer Honn

Absent:  Vice President Pete Smith and Director Bob Swan


Gerri Whiteman wanted to add several items to the agenda under New Business, the maturing Certificate of Deposit, insurance and newsletter advertisers.  Elmer Honn made a motion to approve the agenda with those additions; motion seconded by Gerri Whiteman; all in favor; motion carried.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING   Sue Buckley made a motion to approve the minutes of the March meeting; motion seconded by Gerri Whiteman; all in favor; motion passed.

TREASURER'S REPORT    Gerri Whiteman reported the following:

277 Association Members

ACCEPTANCE OF TREASURER’S REPORT Elmer Honn made a motion to accept the
treasurer’s report; motion seconded by Carol Herchenroether; all in favor; motion carried.

Sue Buckley submitted a letter to JoAnn from Jim Loveless requesting that the board approve a check for up to $1500.00 for a new billiards table.  JoAnn said that this matter will be brought up at the homeowners’ meeting next Monday, May 2, since this amount is over our limit.  The activities group did approve this request at their meeting.

JoAnn reported that a week ago Saturday, the performer hired for a dance and then cancelled showed up at the clubhouse to set up his equipment.  Prior to this JoAnn said that she had consulted with her attorney and he indicated to her that we could be held liable for this entertainer’s expenses, plus court costs.   JoAnn said she also spoke with board members Gerri Whiteman, Carol Herchenroether and Pete Smith about this and she wrote a check for $300.00 and gave it to the performer.  Tom Stahr then gave Bob Clifford a personal check to reimburse the board.  Al McNeill had indicated at the last homeowners’ meeting that activities and HOA would be responsible for this money.  After a brief discussion, Sue Buckley made a motion that we return Tom Stahr’s check; the motion was seconded by Bob Dicandia; there was no further discussion; all in favor; motion passed.

JoAnn then reported that Gerri Whiteman had received a letter from Russell Hawkins.  It outlined budget items he wanted to talk to Gerri about.  These items mostly pertained to the Grand Prix activity, archived data of the HOA and Activities, and a request for detailed reports of all the committees’ expenses.  Gerri said that she would provide him detail regarding the Grand Prix event, but that she would not have time to provide detail for all events to him.  JoAnn assured Russell that Barbara Moff is keeping all the HOA data up to date.




Activities Sue Buckley reported that the Activities Group had received a letter from

Brenda Holderbaum, resigning as the group’s secretary.  In the interim, Roberta Zdankowski will take over the duties of Activities Secretary.  

Gerri Whiteman submitted a letter saying that during the summer she will conduct treasurer’s business only on Thursdays from 1 to 4 p.m.  A mailbox is still available at her house for leaving messages or requests.

Billiards made $383.00 at their recent pancake breakfast.  They raised $300.00 last year, $900.00 so far this year, and they promise to repay the remaining $300.00 if their request for $1500.00 is approved by the HOA.

Horseshoes will resume in the fall.

Roberta purchased a new recorder for the activities secretary position since the old recorder was not working properly.  She got it on sale for $44.92.

Dining out will resume in November.

Computer club will continue throughout the summer.

Singspiration will resume in December.

In the fitness room, one of the machines is down and parts are being ordered for its repair. HOA is splitting the cost with the new owners.  

Management is having difficulty getting the mailboxes fixed because they are so old and parts are not readily available.  Someone has suggested that a roof be installed over the mailbox area.  Also, there was a suggestion that hot water be made available at one of the showers around the pool.

Blood Bank The blood mobile will be here on Saturday, April 30.


JoAnn Clifford asked Sue Buckley to take a message back to the activities group stating that any ads or announcements for the newsletter need to follow the guidelines and be no bigger than a half-page.  Also, if you want something in the newsletter, it should be typed and all the information complete.


     Relations No report


        Watch No report  

(JoAnn Clifford then said that a new chairperson for Neighborhood Watch is needed.)  

At this time, Roberta Zdankowski asked why we need Neighborhood Watch.   A brief discussion ensued and most feel that it is no longer necessary.  We can do a better job with email and the automated telephone system. After this discussion Elmer Honn made a motion that we disband the Neighborhood Watch Committee and remove it from the list of Standing Committees.  The motion was seconded by Carol Herchenroether; all in favor; motion carried.

Website Ed Welz will discuss the “resident only” section of the website at the HOA meeting.

Welcome Sue Buckley will introduce new residents at the HOA meeting next week.


Carol Herchenroether made a motion that Sue Buckley be permitted to spend up to $100.00 for supplies for potluck.  The motion was seconded by Elmer Honn; all in favor; motion carried.

Gerri Whiteman said our CD is maturing in September and she asked members of the board to check around for the best interest rates for these funds.  

Insurance costs were reduced by $82.50.  The cost of the insurance has been based on 361 members.  Gerri indicated that we will never have that many members, so she reduced the membership numbers, thus saving us this money on our premium.

Leonard Brynteson will be leaving so we will need someone to deliver the newsletters. In the meantime, Sue and Bruce Buckley have agreed to deliver them in June, July and August.

Homeowners Meeting September 12, 2011 7 pm
Board of Directors Meeting May 16, 2011 7 pm


Sue Buckley made a motion to adjourn the meeting; it was seconded by Carol Herchenroether; there was no discussion; all in favor; motion passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Cowling