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March 28, 2011

CALL TO ORDER:  7:00 p.m.

Present:  President JoAnn Clifford; Vice Presidents Carol Herchenroether and Pete Smith; Interim Treasurer Gerri Whiteman; Secretary Connie Cowling; Directors Sue Buckley, Bob Dicandia, Elmer Honn and Bob Swan


JoAnn Clifford said that she had several items to add under Unfinished Business. A motion to approve tonight’s agenda, including JoAnn’s additions, was made by Bob Swan and seconded by Elmer Honn; all in favor; motion carried.

SECRETARY'S REPORT    Connie Cowling had no report but thanked Esther Plyter for sitting in for her at the February board meeting.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING   Sue Buckley made a motion to approve the minutes of the February meeting; motion seconded by Bob Swan; all in favor; motion passed.

TREASURER'S REPORT    Gerri Whiteman reported the following:

ACCEPTANCE OF TREASURER’S REPORT Elmer Honn made a motion to accept the
treasurer’s report; motion seconded by Carol Herchenroether; all in favor; motion carried.

GUEST SPEAKER JoAnn Clifford introduced Jim Marlow, Regional Manager for American Land Lease.   Jim thanked the board for the invitation to attend the meeting.  He said he is excited about what they’ve come to realize here at Lake Pointe Village.  He further stated that they’ve done a few things already to spruce things up and they are getting a long-term plan together.  He looks forward to working with the board to work up a priority list.  Core samples are being taken on the roads and the tennis court.  He said we are lucky to have a full time manager here because some of the other parks that were purchased in the package deal do not have full time managers.
He said the lifestyle events will continue and new ones will be introduced from time to time.

JoAnn mentioned the paperwork that was included in the newsletter that will simplify homeowners’ rent payments.  


JoAnn Clifford said regarding Pete Zaccarella’s request for us to write a letter on his behalf regarding his prospectus, so much time has elapsed and the park is under new ownership, plus the time limit to request the proper prospectus was not met.  Pete Smith then made a motion to not proceed any further with this request; Elmer Honn seconded the motion; no further discussion; all in favor; motion passed.


Blood Bank Roberta Zdankowski explained that when residents donate blood through the blood mobile, Lake Pointe Village gets credited for those donations.  Even if a person isn’t eligible to donate blood, as long as they are tested, we get credited for a pint of blood.  If you live in the village and receive blood, you just have to let them know you live in LPV and you will get reimbursed for the cost of the blood you received.


JoAnn Clifford reported that in April, Leonard Brynteson and Bob Hensler will be delivering the newsletter.  Some advertisers are questioning why only HOA members receive the newsletter.  You must be a member to receive the newsletter.  In the future, advertisers will be advised of this fact.


     Relations Carol Herchenroether will meet with Sherry Briggs next week before the HOA meeting.

Membership Gerri Whiteman said she believes we are at a maximum of members at 276.  She added that the budget is based on 280 members, so hopefully we can get at least 4 more members.  The problem is the number of empty homes and homes for sale.


        Watch Sue Buckley said there was a report of some vandalism in the park, but many people did not get a phone call from their neighborhood captains.  There is a problem with the Watch communications so we will take this information back to Brenda Holderbaum to determine the source of the breakdown in the system.

Website Ed Welz is working on a lot of things on the website.  He said there are 13 ads on the website thanks to Gerri Whiteman’s efforts.  JoAnn mentioned a possible directory (access for HOA members only), but there is some resistance to this idea and more discussion is needed on this subject.

Welcome Sue Buckley hopes to have two new residents to introduce at the HOA meeting next week.


JoAnn said that Pete Smith will preside at the next BOD meeting if she has not returned by that time.  The last HOA and BOD meetings will be in May.  The BOD meetings will resume in September and the HOA meetings will begin in October.

It was brought to JoAnn’s attention that a phone for emergency 911 calls should be installed near the pool.  A discussion ensued.  Some suggested putting one inside the door to the restroom hallway or in the exercise room.  JoAnn will contact the phone company and ask them to figure out the best location, plus the cost of installation.  She will then submit a letter on the proposed installation to management for their approval.

Sue Buckley said that she has been approached by a number of residents who want Sherry Briggs to talk at the HOA meetings.  It was decided that Sherry will request to be put on the agenda if she has an important message or announcement to share, but she will not speak at every meeting.

The most pressing problem that we have is finding a new treasurer for the association.  Gerri does not want to continue in this position.  JoAnn said that she talked to four people and none of them are interested.  She encouraged all the board members to get out and talk to people and find someone who has a financial/business background and is willing to help out.  We cannot function without a treasurer.

Due to the efforts of  FMO and 3 million homeowners who emailed or wrote to our legislators in regard to HB5005 . . . the House Economic Affairs Committee changed/rewrote    HB 5005.  It passed Committee...12-6... The new CS/HB 5005 does NOT abolish the Division of Condo, Timeshares, and MOBILE HOMES.  
This is why everyone needs to support the FMO and our HOA.

Homeowners Meeting April 4, 2011 7 pm
Board of Directors Meeting April 25, 2011 7 pm


Elmer Honn made a motion to adjourn the meeting; it was seconded by Pete Smith; there was no discussion; all in favor; motion passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:46 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Cowling