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BOD Minutes 2-28-2011

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Lake Pointe Village

Board of Director’s Meeting

FEBRUARY 28, 2011

Board Members Present: Absent:
 President JoAnn Clifford               Vice President, Carol Herchenroether
 Vice President Peter Smith                                          Treasurer, Karen Mort
 Director Sue Buckley    Secretary:  Connie Cowling
 Director Bob DeCandia
 Director Elmer Honn
 Director Bob Swan
 Acting Secretary:  Esther Plyter

President Clifford called the meeting to order at 7:00

Sue Buckley made a motion for the approval of the Agenda, seconded by Elmer Honn.  The motion was carried.

Correspondence:  JoAnn Clifford spoke about a letter she received from a resident in a park in Bradenton.  He provided information about the availability of vehicle automatic lifts for scooters from the Veterans Administration without charge.  After discussion, it was decided to post the company brochure in the Manager’s Office and JoAnn will make residents aware of this brochure by email.

Treasurer’s Report:  JoAnn Clifford informed everyone that Treasurer Karen Mort has resigned her position.  She is now working and her time is very limited.  She feels the residents should have a Treasurer that can spend more time on the position.  Currently there are 227 members and the balance at the end of February is $37,614.65. As the Board was informed about this resignation at an earlier time, she asked them for any ideas they may have to replace her.  This position needs a full time resident.  Gerri Whitman is willing to fill in on a temporary basis until someone can be found.  Bob Swan made a motion to appoint Gerri Whitman until a permanent Treasurer can be found.  It was seconded by Peter Smith.  The motion was carried.

JoAnn also received a letter regarding the lack of consistency in the placement of house numbers.  Some of them look sloppy, are in bad shape, and are not as visible as others.  The Park Manager will check to see if the park owners will pay for new numbers.  Also, some homes still need cleaning.

Unfinished Business:  JoAnn discussed a letter that was presented at an earlier time from Pete Zaccarella regarding incorrect prospectus on several homes in the park.  Much discussion took place.  The Board felt a need to review the older prospectus information before any action could be taken.  This issue was tabled until the Board has a chance to review the older ones.  JoAnn will provide them with copies of the ones she has.  

Committee Reports:  Activities
  • Sue Buckley provided information regarding the need for new billiard’s tables.  She said there were 103 attendees at the Spaghetti Dinner and $640.00 was made at that event.  The Billiard’s group also has a pancake breakfast planned to raise more funds.
  • Verlie Farrell and Bette Horn will be in charge of  Potluck Dinners starting in the fall.
  • There are 33 people signed up to race their cars in the Gran Prix.
  • Sixteen people attended the International Dining Out at the German Restaurant.
  • Diane Welsch will Co-Chair and work with Marsha Greiner for the Library.
  • Pete Zaccarella will Chair the 2012 Home Show.
  • Roberta Zdankowski said that one of the coffee pots needs to be replaced in the Kitchen.  She will see that this is taken care of.
  • Sue Buckley has one or two new residents to Welcome.

JoAnn provided Sue Buckley with a new form to be taken to the Activities Meeting.  There has been a great deal of confusion with the auditors.  Everyone needs to use this form for all disbursements.  A separate receipt must be used for each one.  Gerri Whiteman will get the correct forms to both Sue and Roberta.

Statutory:  No reports

JoAnn said there is an LIC Meeting this week at Beacon Hill.  

Neighborhood Watch – Brenda Holderbaum said she would like to do a “trial run” of the phone tree just to check and see how far the system works.  There has been some confusion regarding the use of the phone tree for neighborhood watch.

Ed Welz spoke about the web site.  He is working on an FMO and LIC page and would like to put everyone’s name and phone number on the site, although that part of the site will not be available to all people.  It will have security.  There was discussion about people being concerned about their privacy.  JoAnn asked Ed to provide her a write up of his plans regarding what he wishes to do with names and phone numbers, etc. on the website.  

JoAnn confirmed that our new park owner is paying the monthly charges for our website.  

New Business:  Elmer Honn discussed some of the problems with the new fans in the meeting room. They are wired without a switch, because they must be turned on correctly and not have people using a switch without knowing how to use them.  Concerns have been expressed about their being a fire hazard.  However, an electrician installed them, wired them, and inspected them.


Brenda Holderbaum said she needs to know when new residents move in for her crime watch program.  She would like someone to email her with that information.  

JoAnn discussed questions regarding the personal information from the database.

Gerri Whiteman would like a list of non-members of the HOA and asked for the Boards help in knocking on doors to increase membership.

A motion was made by Peter Smith, seconded by Sue Buckley, to adjourn at 8:10 PM. The motion was carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Esther Plyter,

Acting Secretary